TB Tests, Antibiotics and Side Effects


                   Tests-Antibiotics and Side Effects                                                    

                                                (Dec 30 2011)

                          TB Antibiotic side effects

Initially when first diagnosed in 2001 i was prescribed Four different Antibiotics

dosage based on my then steady weight of between 51-53 kg, taken Twice daily

and a Monthly routine of Tests.

   Antibiotics :

* Pyrazinamide

* Rifampicin

* Ethambutol

* Clarithromycin

  Monthly Tests:

* Blood tests

* Sputum tests

* X-ray Tests 

I also had One Breathing test and One CT Scan -and never another!

That was my choice… i was a very difficult patient back then

and the relationship with the first Lung Specialist was rather strained and grinding…

Partly due to the patronising way i felt he treated me

and partly due to my difficult character when it comes to following orders

especially trusting decisions about my body in the hands of another.

Initially i fought fiercely, Wild Stallion style, perhaps because something in me

refused to believe that i was so sick and partly because his fixed tack

of constantly defending all ugly, uncomfortable symptoms i was experiencing,

as due to supplements i had been taking for well near two decades,

instead of accepting they were the usual side effects caused by the antibiotics.

I had never been a pill popper person, hardly used antibiotics more than 4-5 times

in my entire life till then and painkillers or anything coming from the chemist

was avoided like the plague.

The sudden overload of them, in number, frequency and quantity

so overwhelmed my body that i found impossible to operate

– was heavily fogged up and felt so ill that i wanted to die.

One of the most torturing problems was a burning sensation

in different parts of my body as if burned by trillions of hot pins

and the appearance of lesions in my private areas.

When i mentioned these symptoms and complained

(back then suspecting they were caused by the Pyrazinamide,

because Pyra comes from the greek ‘pyra’ meaning fire)

i was bluntly told i was …”highly strung!” …

I was insulted and frustrated on top of desperate

but i knew there was nowhere to go with this fellow

so i turned into investigating other possibilities

such as Candida yeast -suggested- but not checked- by my GP-

and told to use Clortimazole without any effect whatsoever.

Eventually, as the idea had started to dawn that it was either

antibiotics and their ills or dying, made me reluctantly surrender ,

i stopped complaining and accepted the lot as a general antibiotics side effects…

Unbeknownst at the time, both to him as well as to myself

was that some of the worst side effects mentioned above

were caused by an overgrowth of Malassezia Yeast Fungus
started and promoted by the heavy long term use of the antibiotics.

(This true cause of problems and effects

became apparent and clear just recently

the details of dealing with, in a separate blog

currently under construction:


At the end of 9 months of the above treatment

i felt like my body was just about to explode

and that if i did not stop, something more dire will happen

so i made the sudden decision to Stop the Antibiotics
-they had not been working up to then anyway.

My Lung Specialist was initially taken aback but he knew by then i was determined.

 He accepted and we left it at ‘see how things go’ in three monthly follow up visits.

I felt better, more enthusiastic, and the sense that something was going to explode

disappeared within a few days…

After taking some L-Phenylalanine capsules for a few days, the burning fire of hell

and its lesions also eased and cleared.

The Specialist was rather surprised to see how good i looked during the following

two visits, and he seemed genuinely pleased, which helped my feelings mellow a bit

-our strained relationship having already improved with time.

But three months later, after a total of also 9 months off the antibiotics

i suddenly started to cough up blood …

so when i went back for the next visit i asked:

“HOW LONG from here?” … meaning …till i die …

He took in an exasperated breath, followed by a rather distraught expression on his

face and with a low voice, much like approaching a dangerous unpredictable animal

                       Tigress me
                           (Tigress in Me)

                He said softly: “Let’s try again”

I surrendered …

but remembering the trouble of the trillion pins of burning fire and lesions

i declared adamantly: “I am not going back to Pyrazinamide!”

After a few phone calls he presented me with an adjusted dosage of the remaining three :

* Ethambutol * Rifampicin and * Clarithromycin.

It was not long within this routine that i discovered to my dismay three things:

1) It was not the Pyrazinamide causing the Fire and lesions

which returned with a vengeance … (so i started to suspect the Rifampicin… )

2) After every hospital visit whether for the routine tests of X-Rays, Blood, Sputum

or to see the Specialist and the test results, i would get very ill with severe,

flu similar symptoms, would frequently bleed, as well as get new,

more severe lesion outbreaks, extending to my shoulders and back as well as underarms.

3) Changes were in motion due to Local Government /Hospital reconstruction

which meant my Lung Specialist moved to a different hospital

and i was passed on into the care of the TB Control Clinic – held at our local hospital.

The change was good, the TB Control Specialists were great and very cooperative

and after having explained that i was not interested in living long and running around

perpetually chasing tests of all kinds, if they were not contributing to cure as such,

and that all i wanted was living ‘quality’ of life while possible, for and with my family,

and due to reason number 2 above, the routine visits were accordingly set initially

to three monthly, as blood tests indicated, that with my successfully detoxifying diet

i was nowhere near any danger of dying from liver toxicity.

So, having accepted the fire and the lesions as antibiotic side effects

all run smoothly from there on for some years to follow.        


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Atypical TB Mac Antibiotic Side Effects — During and After Termination—


         Atypical TB: Antibiotic Side Effects

           (During and After Termination)           

                                            (July 2012)                     

                   TB Antibiotic side effects

It has now been near Four Years (August 09- April 13 – )

since i came Completely Off Antibiotics and i am still here…

Some of the Side Effects vanished soon after the termination.

Some are still present and persistent as a result of the long term use

and Some have become Irreversible.

During the first Six months the Side Effects were very Severe on all levels

from the pure Physical, to the Mental and Emotional sides

as there was no area that normal body functions had not been affected

and thrown out of balance and dismal disarray.
After that came a rather abrupt body adjustment

and it all felt kind of Normal … within its new established … Abnormality!

Side Effects during first 6 months and onwards while on Antibiotics

* Extreme Lethargy, Fatigue, Frequent Confusion

* Diminished ability to perform daily Normal Co-ordination tasks,

  let alone anything requiring any Thinking or Planning process.

* Almost non Existent Reflexes

I could hardly keep my eyes open, my limbs were always Lead heavy

and keeping track of time and other spatial awareness was often

in disturbing disarray.

I could not trust myself to go out alone and after i was nearly hit by a car twice,

once in front of my terrified daughter who reported the incident to my man

and once while accompanied by my husband himself,

we had decided that i should never go out alone

until i had adjusted to the effects of the medications.

*Extreme and abrupt Hot and Cold Sessions

Several times a day there would be a sudden heating up of my body

as if my temperature was rising to fever heights and near suffocation levels

and then it would start reversing going down… down… down…

as if entering Siberia unaccustomed territory or as if ‘shelved’ inside a Freezer.

No amount of clothes put on or taking off or outside temperature variations

made any difference to that process that usually lasted approximately 5-10 minutes

and then subsided until the next cycle- repeated several times each day.

* Constant Sick feeling in the Stomach spreading throughout the body

* General Lack of Hunger, Appetite and Sense of Taste

* Development of Severe Food Intolerances

My Stomach felt constantly full and more often than not nauseated too.

This apparently i have read was the effect of Clarithromycin

I had to force myself to eat and i did it by the Clock as there was never

natural sense of hunger, nor appetite or craving for anything

and neither anything tasted the way i remembered it used to

but Nutrition was one of the Best Defences of my Body

against the Illness and despite the tremendous effort at each meal

i was not prepared to compromise the benefit.

I knew well that my body was not only fighting a Killer illness

                                Illness and Death

but also highly Toxic Medications that had to be monitored carefully

month by month, to ascertain containment of toxic effects on Liver and Kidneys.

So… Three Highly Nutritious Meals a Day

was the Medicine i Provided to my Body for its Fighting Battle

and which i valued highly and without the fear of long term side effects

as i had for the antibiotics .

Another side effect that started to develop pretty soon was severe Food Intolerances.

Many Foods that belonged to the category of causing Lung allergies or irritation

i voluntarily gave away though with great regret, but there were many more

that were -as far as i knew- beneficial to the Lung and yet i would get

unpleasant symptoms after consumption, some even if in the smallest quantity.

Most important of them all was

*Lung Bleeding

Other symptoms were

* Feeling of Dull Pain and Fullness in the Liver area

* Nail like Pains in the Kidneys, and as a result

* Severe Fluid Retention and

* Strong, Nauseating Migraines,

Only rarely ever occurring prior to commencement of Antibiotics

and usually during the Naughty period of Christmas

when succumbing to the temptation of tasting some foods


still in the category of ‘healthy’ but much lesser grade.

(More details in a Diet Entry soon to follow)

* Overgrowth of Malassezia Yeast Fungus

One of the most Torturing problems which started within days

of the commencement of Antibiotics and remained present throughout,

causing Uncomfortable Burning sensations on different parts of my body

as if burned by trillions of hot pins which resulted in highly painful Lesions

in sensitive skin areas and especially in my private areas.

It has taken Over a Decade to Finally identify the Problem and deal with it

as will be described in my specifically dedicated Blogs:


Side Effects Accumulation Before Terminating Medication

During a Nine Month period before the final decision to terminate medication

there were side effects that were indicating increasing cumulative effects

that were leading fast to a downward spiral with possible consequences

i was not prepared to sit passively and let happen.

These were:

* Increasing Daily Bleeding with frequently scary large volumes

* Frequent -to almost daily- feeling of Fullness and Pain in the Liver area

* Frequently strong Waxy / Orangey Colour on Face  

  (not including the white of the eyes)

* General Feeling of Toxic Overload which i felt my body was progressively

unable to process and cope with.

* Kidney Dysfunction as in Diminished Urine Output to just 1 teaspoon

in a 24 hour period, despite the quantities of liquids consumed.

* Losing weight rapidly, from 52 – 53 Kg down to 43 – 45 Kg

and progressively unable and severely restricted in consuming

many nutritious foods and /or supplements.

My Personal Judgement was that my general condition was Deteriorating Fast

and i was not prepared to wait until either Liver or Kidneys gave up

and had to go for Kidney Dialysis or whatever was i heading to – fast

so i made the Scary Decision to Stop and give my body a chance

to recover from the Medication and see if it could handle the A-TB

on its Own – and if not… then at least it would be up to Destiny and

Natural course of Progression of the Illness.

Side Effects Disappearing After Termination of Antibiotics

Even though my illness was steadily killing me

– or so i was told and have no doubt it was quite true –

i felt much worse upon commencement and throughout the duration

of being on medication.

A great feeling returned after the Termination, even though

i was secretly worried about the difference of appearance versus reality

i.e. ‘ feeling good did not mean i was better’

and ‘ feeling bad did not mean i was getting worse ‘…

but which WAS TRUE???… if any…

Was it more likely that my body had a breather from daily bombardment

of toxicity and relieved with steady clearing it off?…
Because in the end during the course of antibiotics

* I was Neither Feeling Good

* Nor was i Getting Better,
and in fact the signs as described above, were that I WAS getting Worse!….

(Losing Blood, Losing Weight, My Body was not working properly etc.)

Once I stopped medication i experienced

* Extreme Lightness

* Elation and Euphoria

* Increased Energy

* Clearing Effect

* Heat and Freezing changes Decreased in Frequency and Intensity by 95%

* Bleeding stopped for much Longer Periods often for Many Weeks apart

(and only certain conditions gradually identified and avoided caused it to start)

* Became able to gradually add back Nutritious Foods and Vitamins

that i had not been able to consume for a long time

* Liver Pains disappeared

* Kidney functions Improved dramatically

* My weight was brought back Up to 48 – 49kg

(hard to get it back to 52-53 as the loss of blood had caused loss of Calcium

and other minerals affecting Bone mass)

(Note: having some leftover medications after i stopped,

i tried to use for some bladder infections, one of them in particular,

as more suited to the problem and noticed that within a day

lung bleeding returned and continued for the duration of the five day course

and stopped immediately upon completion

– this repeated twice more… i did consider more than coincidental

but rather a confirmation of a long time suspicion, knowing that

this particular antibiotic is reputed – medical files info – to affect blood viscosity.

Side Effects Present and Persistent after Termination of Antibiotics

Generally speaking, due to the continuing presence of the Lung illness

and the passing of nearly a  full Decade, it would be honest and right to say

that Nothing has really gone back to what was known as ‘Normal’ before.

Just a General feeling of Improvement in Many areas

and many Drug caused Side effects are Certainly Gone

but this is counterbalanced by the natural progression and deterioration

of the A-TB and the Malicious effects of the stress and all ills caused

by the Malassezia Yeast Fungus -especially during the past 3 1/2 years.

The Malassezia Beast 

I am now mainly still Battling and is the Direct Cause and Result of the Long Course

on Antibiotics and X-Rays, and may have to battle it on for as long as i live

hopefully only on the reduced levels i have finally managed to bring it down to

and control it – and which at this stage indicate constant meticulous maintenance needed.

Still hope for a Decisive Miracle but have learned it may arrive with other unpleasant

strings attached…

Side Effects Permanent and Irreversible after Termination of Antibiotics

* Malassezia Yeast  

* High Sensitivity and Lack of Adjustment to Temperature Changes

  Especially when in Immediate Contact with any Part of my body*

  I have now established through repeated occasions that there has been

  a Permanent Alteration to the ‘Thermostatic Adjustment’ mechanism

  in my Body -confirmed by medical info and repeated observations-

  caused by at least One of the Antibiotics i know.

  I do not intend to end up thought as an advocate against antibiotic use

  as each individual is different and have their own responsibility of choices

  to make along the course of their illness.

  Therefore readers are urged to research on their own the medical validity

  i mention above regarding the part of ‘confirmed by medical info’

  and wherever else i mention ‘medical information or conformation’.

* This Sensitivity, unless Special Temperature Measures taken,

  causes Spontaneous Short Lung Bleeds –within minutes to hour

  or belated Long and Heavier ones at a dreaded time during sleep.

                     Medication Recovery


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Atypical TB MAC: Eight -8- Year Revision of Antibiotic Side Effects


Atypical TB: 8 Year Revision of Antibiotic Side Effects


                             (July 01 – June 09)

          Revision of TB Medications

     The Entry Below is Copied Directly from my Diary Files

              Recorded prior to Terminating Medications

  . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 

During the Past 8 Years of Antibiotic Treatment 

i have been Suffering from the following Side Effects

on either Daily and Constant or Frequent basis:

* Severe Gastrointestinal Disturbances

  (Indigestion, Extreme and Painful Bloating, Stomach Cramps, etc)

* Kidney Pains Followed or Accompanied by

–   Severe Migraines & Nausea 

–   Fluid Retention

–   Blurred Vision

–   Loss of Appetite

–   Development of many Food Intolerances

    getting increasingly harder to process: 

    (such as absolutely minimal Protein intake,

    or Total Exclusion of many otherwise Beneficial Foods or Substances) 

* Thunderous Massive Heart Palpitations 

    resulting in

–   Lung Bleeds

–   Blood Vessel Bursts (Large Bruises/Haemorrhages)

–   Headaches

–   Anxiety

–   Insomnia

*  Liver Pain, Discomfort and Fullness

*  Permanent Presence and Frequent Yeast Flare Ups 

(This Below refers to Malassezia Yeast Identified as such much later)

* Also Tormented throughout since the Commencement of Antibiotic treatment

   by an Unidentified ‘Devil’ that lives Under my Skin and / or Nerve endings or Blood?

   frequently Erupting in Clusters of Severely Itchy, Fluid & Blood Filled Bubbles

* Almost Constant Skin Irritation 

 – like Trillions of Needles Piercing or Stretching  my Skin

   to tearing point often causing Involuntary Nerve Spasms and Twitching.

  (This symptom may be part of the above or a separate one 

  difficult to separate as they both coincide or one precedes the other)

Additional Non related to Antibiotic treatment but Exacerbated by all the above:

* Panic, Anxiety attacks, Depression

* Osteoporosis (Antibiotics Inhibiting Calcium Absorption)

 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 

Near the End just before i decided it was time to get Off the Antibiotics

my Kidney Urine Output for the Entire Day had Diminised to a mere 1 Tablespoon

Regardless of tones of Fruit and Fruit Juice consumption , Broths, Water etc.

I was worried and Not Prepared to Wait for a Kidney Failure to Occur, so

I Took the Necessary Action: I Stopped and Never Regretted it since.

                                    * * *

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Atypical TB and Minimising Bleeding


Atypical TB and Minimising Bleeding 


(Aug 12)                                      

                        Lung TB minimizing Bleeds


Late in the process when it was clear that the antibiotics were not working

my Specialists presented me with some available options if i elected.

Lung  Transplant was Never discussed as an option,

   possibly due to reasons such as availability, eligibility etc

   but this was not an option i would have ever opted for

   especially after having researched all related issues.

Surgical Removal of the main area of heavy MAC concentration

  This option was advised by one of the Specialists and told that

   “This part -of lung- is not really doing you any good”

  I am, generally speaking, highly adverse to any invasive procedures

  and would have no doubt rejected this option in the end

  but was highly relieved when the opinion of the Senior Specialist

  confirmed that my decision would have been correct,

  because the Lung damage, bronchiectasis and MAC was widespread,

  thus not offering any guaranties that an operation would have made

  much difference – and i was concern that undergoing such huge trauma

  would there be any chance of a successful recovery after

  or it would be a downhill slide much faster than otherwise.

Amicacin Treatment a more recent at the time option and in early stages

   of application was one i was nearly booked for due to the ‘hands on’

   very enthusiastic and energetic Specialist i was referred to

   for alternative options that again i had to weigh chance and degree of success

   and the pros and cons of success versus long term side effects, etc.

   Nothing is simple or free from repercussions – a lesson i learned later on

   with the aftermath of Antibiotics and Malassezia and breathed with relief as to

   how much more i may have escaped due to my conservative nature

   and abhorrence for interfering with the processes of the Body

   when so little is known and at experimental stages.

   The fact that the treatment required hospitalisation and close monitoring

   due to possible serious –to my opinion– side effects and with already

   very poorly functioning kidneys, as described in earlier entries,

   decidedly put me off this option too and declined…

Cauterisation of Vessels? or (gel?? capping?) ???

   Unfortunately both my husband’s as well as my memory is failing us

   regarding the name and details of this procedure offered

   and several attempts to find anything related on Google

   have not produced any helpful results.

   Basically, it was something like either capping or cauterising? vessels?

   to stop the frequent bleeds.

  This too i declined because i was not sure that doing so

  would end the problem or it would manifest somewhere else,

  with possibly worse consequences.

  My approach is always diametrically opposite to the medical.

  I want to find the cause and Treat the Cause, 

  not just stop or mute the symptom i.e. ‘shoot the messenger’

  and harm the body instead of shooting the true offender.

Usually, i feel confident about my decisions,

at least as the ones i consider the right ones for me

and so is the case with the first three above.

About the fourth one i am divided and not absolutely certain

whether it was the right one but not knowing the answer

to the questions that would decide a clearer judgement

i am still more comfortable for declining

rather than finding out after.

This of course has left me constantly on the watch out

about frequent Bleeds and how to Cope and Minimise

Both Frequency of Occurrence as well as Volume.

Ordinarily i do not bleed for extended periods of time,

unless something upsets the very fragile, walk on tightrope like, delicate balance.

There have been a couple of sudden, frightening experiences

of dangerous volumes but even less than that it can be

rather shocking and scary especially when it happens suddenly

without any warning and in the middle of the night


Over time i have observed and discovered different causes of bleeding

and have implemented ways of Controlling and Minimising

Frequency and Severity.

Some Identified Causes:

*  Cold / Flu Contact with affected /carrying persons

*  Hot or Cold Abrupt Exposure of whole Body or Part, Internally or Externally

    for example:

– Too Hot  – water in the Bath Tab whole Body and or Head

– Hair Drier – on High Heat setting (only used attempting to kill Malassezia)

– Low Temperature – walking in Sea water when temperature Below 22C

– Cold – Swimming in Pool or Sea Below 33C temperature

– Eating or Drinking Anything Cold – either Room temperature or Below

– Exposure to Air – Conditioning especially set on Cold

   but even when set on warm during winter – but could be due to viruses rather

   than warm temperature?…

Blood Thinner Capsules such as Fish Oil as well as herbal ones etc

Dehydration –Not enough Liquid intake

   especially after highly salty or sugary foods or drinks even if natural.

Heart Palpitations perhaps due to adrenalin pumped in the blood ?

Upset or Frightened especially if it happens suddenly, again much as above

   as this also produces Heart Palpitations and consequently adrenalin release

 Identified Ways and Substances to Minimise Bleeding

– Vitamin C Powder ( ½ teaspoon every 3-4 hours for 1-2 days then reduce)

– Bloodroot and /or Withania 1 capsule filled with powder of either or both

– Acidophilus capsules  4-6 daily

– Lemon Juice A tablespoon of freshly squeezed – undiluted, nothing added

– Hot water or herbal tea (not too hot just comfortable or would have the opposite efect)

– Avoiding anything Cold or with potential to cause irritating Cough

– Inflating the Lung helps Bleeding Heal Faster

– Clearing the Mucous Frequently and avoiding congestion

Vitamin C Always works! even on its own

   Depending on the volume of Blood it can take effect within an hour

   or a day if more severe. For extreme cases it minimises immediately

   but takes a couple of days to stop totally.

Bloodroot effect i discovered while taking it trying to kill Malassezia Yeast

   (See Expectorating the Lung)

Acidophilus capsules the same as above, taking while trying to kill Malassezia

   but has also proved to clear both Bladder and Chest Infection repeatedly

   both for Myself and my Husband.

   See Acidophilus Experiment in

   http://malasseziablog.wordpress.com or


* Lemon Juice has strong Haemostatic quality

   Drinking it daily or in large quantities as preventative, Lessens the effect

   as the body tries to compensate for this quality and restore balance.

* Drinking Hot water but not as effective measure if on its own

   and works mainly if Bleeding is mild and has just broken.

   It is still Soothing though and in this regard it is good

   for either heavy or light bleeding.

* I Avoid Lemon or Raw Garlic if i Cough up thick Clots

   as both Promote thickening of the Blood

   and Clotting itself causes more bleeding

   and is a cause of bleeding itself due to the bursting of Blood Vessels.

   The Lemon is good if the Bleeding is too Runny and does not stop easily

   and often has an almost instant effect.

* I also Avoid Sugary foods if the Blood is Thin and Runny

   and even cut down on Fruit Consumption and switch on to

   tonnes of Broccoli, Brussel Sprouts, and Okra –Rich greens!-

   that contain vitamin K with thickening quality

   but only temporarily for just a day or so.

* If the Blood is thin, and runny i also avoid taking the daily Vitamin E

   but Do so and Increase dosage slightly if Bleeding is caused by Clotting.

* I have noticed when raw bleeding occurs not containing any mucous

   i have to be very careful to keep the lung relaxed and not do

   anything that can cause irritating cough which can perpetuate

   bleeding and inhibit quick healing.

   On the contrary when it contains mucous if there is need to cough

   and empty the lung, then i do so, as this facilitates faster healing

   –not sure what the mechanics are here but in any case

   i am never brutal with any action i take

   i always treat my Lungs the way one handles a Baby.

* Often due to the Red colour it is difficult to know if the majority

   of the expectorate is pure Blood or a mix of Mucous

   but through close observation again i have discovered that

   when i flash the content down the toilet, the Raw Blood sinks down

   and colours the water residue of the toilet bowl

   while when it is Mucous it floats o the surface of the water in clamps

   and the water remains fairly clean of colour.

   This shows me the quality of has started so i am careful not to aggravate

   the condition or the Progress of healing if it changes from Blood sinking

   to Mucous mix i.e blood stopping and clearing process begins.

* For an entire decade, my sole and most effective way of Inflating

   my Lung, was swimming.  I never missed a swim during bleeding.

   On the contrary, bleeding made it a good reason to swim

   because swimming and inflating the lung, always helped heal faster.

  Even when initially faced with the paradox of the water temperature

  causing spontaneous bursts of bleeding, while it was only a minimal amount,

  i would spit it out in a vitamin container and continue on.

  Just doing so helped normalise quickly the situation.

  Later on when the reaction to the temperature became more severe

  and the volume of a burst became a full mouthful and continuing

  and was forced to quickly scramble out of the water

  in order not to contaminate the pool, i knew it was time to stop,

  both to ensure public safety and save myself from embarrassment

  as well as not to cause more harm to my lungs than the good

  they were deriving by the swims.

  Now i try to achieve the same effect in a much lower scale

  with either a Walk or on the Treadmill but …it is not near as effective …

           Generally my experience has shown that: 

    Using the Lung in a way that Causes it to Inflate 

      Helps Minimise or Stop the Bleeding, Faster.

 What Does – and What  Does – Not, Cause Bleeding


– Everything Cold  either Consumed or by Sudden Exposure of any sensitive Body part

– Eating /drinking something Cold is still followed by Bleeding

   even if drinking hot immediately after – it does Not equalise the effect

– Too Hot Water or Air on the Head (as in washing or using hair dryer high setting)

Does Not:

– Drinking or eating Hot items (as long as not too hot)

– A Normal Hot bath

– Breathing Cold winter air  5°- 6° C ( chest hurts and coughs but does not bleed)

                TB and Minimisng Bleeds


Some of the identified causes have a slower effect than others

making it harder to identify or connect and only a diary can help

reveal the recurring pattern.

It took me a couple of years to finally pinpoint pool ware temperature

with bleeding until it had reached the point of near spontaneous bursts.

The same also with touching cold items right out of the Fridge etc.

So, in some instances the bleeding occurs unfailingly late in the night

-even if he cause was produced early in the day- or early morning hours

while still asleep and sometimes as late as the next day

while some in some cases there is a spontaneous, within minutes, burst.

I now more or less know what and when to expect something if done

something wrong or felt the process started.

Generally speaking if nothing happens within three days max.

i know i have escape it.

A good indication that a reaction is set and consequences may follow

is if immediately after exposure to cold internally or externally

a persistent cough starts within a few seconds without mucous

as if something is obstructing the Oesophagus or the middle of the chest.

I also know through diary keeping that avoiding carefully

anything Cold or too Hot i have had two and three months

of not a drop of Blood!…

It is a hard task but i have now started to implement certain protective measures.

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 An informative piece about Bleeding:

Severity of haemoptysis has been arbitrarily

divided into mild, moderate, or severe depending

upon the amount of bleeding4. It is called mild if

less than 30 ml of blood is expectorated per day

or there is only streaking or flecks of blood in the

sputum. Haemoptysis is moderate if bleeding is

between 30 to 200 ml/day and severe if bleeding

occurs in excess of 200 ml/day. Massive

haemoptysis has been variably defined as blood

loss of 200-600 ml or more within 48 hours or as

much as to cause haemodynamic disturbance1,5

When pure blood without sputum is

expectorated, it is called frank haemoptysis
Source http://medind.nic.in/jac/t02/i1/jact02i1p14.pdf

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